Australian Private Companies Exchange [APCX®] is a private marketplace for professional advisors and their clients; being businesses and investors.
APCX® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. APCX® do not accept success fees or commissions for any successful transactions…

Our technology solutions facilitate unlisted transactions across a Network-of-networks™ without the requirement to disclose client details to APCX® and marketplace participants.  APCX® operates in accordance with the Australian Securities & Investment (ASIC) Class Orders and ethical marketplace for private equity matching and international trade & alliance matching with total privacy guaranteed.

APCX® can multiply the chances of finding working capital for a growing business by using our unique ‘meta-network’ made up of professional firms such as accountants, lawyers and advisors and investment groups.

APCX® advisors can anonymously match the needs of their clients amongst other professional advisors connected to the APCX® marketplace.

APCX® is a Network-of-networks™ with a broader and more active marketplace for advisors to value-add existing services to their business and the investor clients.  APCX® goal is to have a more level playing ground for raising capital and at a lower cost with a focus on growing Regional Australia by connecting suburban advisory networks with regional advisors networks to ensure every buyer and sellers across Australia can maximise their opportunities when listing at APCX®.

Australian Private Companies Exchange® is a true primary market maker and unlike other online matching services, we are independent of any one advisory group and do not provide advisory services to businesses and investors and nor do we accept success fees on capital raised or any transaction.

The majority of private companies can seek up to many millions in working capital every year without the cost and effort involved in preparing a prospectus when using APCX®.

As an entrepreneur, the benefits of using APCX® to facilitate your working capital requirements fundamentally exempts you from the prospectus requirements of the Corporations Act during the phase of capital raising when investors are being identified.  Investors are assured the businesses they seek at the APCX® marketplace are represented by a professional advisor and undertaken a process of investment readiness with their advisor prior to listing on APCX®.

APCX® advisors follow minimum listing rules and standards to ensure the seller client is investment ready and has the available information to streamline the due diligence process with potential investors and their advisors.

APCX® is currently in pilot mode and seeking strategic relationships with leading accounting and law firms, venture capital firms, investment groups, financial institutes, fund managers and aligned industry service providers to build Australia’s first independent Network-of-networks™ to facilitate unlisted client transactions such as equity and debt raising, sale of equity, trade sale, mergers, acquisitions, trade alliance, joint venture and business sale.

We welcome expressions of interest from industry leaders and service providers assisting start-ups, emerging companies, buyers and investors dealing in unlisted transactions.

APCX® Founder Membership for Advisors is in development.

Australian Private Companies Exchange®

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