Solutions for Investors

APCX® Investor Console

Buyers and Investors gain direct access to the APCX® marketplace via the APCX® Investor Console or can engage their Advisor to manage a profile on their behalf and remain completely anonymous to marketplace participates; including APCX® .

APCX® Investor Console is your one-stop work space online to create multiple buyer and investor profiles to match with opportunities across the entire network in real-time. You are always completely anonymous at the marketplace via the APCX® Investor Console and when a opportunity matches an one of your buyer profiles, then simple review the APCX® Match Report and contact the advisor representing the Seller if you wish to learn more and/or undertake due diligence.

Each buyer and investor profile will receive intelligent Match Reports in real-time about Capital Seekers, Business Builders and Entrepreneurs and online access to many listing opportunities such as:

• crowd equity funding
• equity and debt funding strategy
• mergers and acquisitions
• sale of equity in a private company
• prospectus exemption
• mezzanine debt and finance
• strategic alliance and joint venture
• sale of business

Before a Capital Seekers, Business Builders and Entrepreneurs can publish a listing at the APCX® marketplace; they must engage a professional advisor to assist with marketplace listing rules and standards.

APCX® do not provide advisory or professional services. APCX® do not accept fees from sellers or buyers for successful placement of equity.

Contact APCX.

APCX® Investor Console Screen Shots

#1 Screen Shot: Investor Snapshot of a 75% match with a Seller Listing

#2 Screen Shoot – Match Report


#3 Screen Shot – Seller Listing Details


#4 Screen Shot – Seller Lodgments


#5 Screen Shot – Seller Announcements


To learn more about how the APCX® marketplace can assist you; complete the online form to receive a copy of the APCX® Handbook for Investors and Buyers.

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