Solutions for Companies

Solutions for Private Companies and Entrepreneurs

Capital Seekers, Business Builders and Entrepreneurs now have a low-cost solution at the APCX® marketplace to seek equity and debt to fund an emerging enterprise, or sell shares in a private company, or find a strategic alliance or sell a business.

APCX® Network-of-networks™ technology creates a marketplace of exponential opportunity by uniting fragmented networks, from top tier and leading advisory firms and investment groups representing hundreds of millions of dollars of buyer capital and access to high net worth investors and strategic partners.

APCX® streamlines deal flow for unlisted companies. It combines the expertise and resources of Australia’s leading advisors, investment groups and government programs in a convenient, online marketplace. Unlisted companies, large and small, in both city and regional areas, will benefit significantly from unrivaled ease and efficiency when listing an opportunity at the APCX marketplace.

APCX® Listings

  • crowd equity funding
  • equity and debt funding up to $5 million
  • prospectus exemption fund raising above $5 million
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • sale of equity in a private company or business
  • mezzanine debt and finance
  • equipment and assets finance
  • strategic alliance and joint venture
  • sales of business or assets
  • distribution and licensing opportunities
  • international trade

Our fee guarantee to you:

  • APCX® do not offer advisory or legal services; we only offer listing services and tools for private companies and entrepreneurs.
  • APCX® enables each  listings to nominated their own trusted advisor to assist with buyer and investor negotiations and due diligence.
  • APCX® can facilitate crowd equity funding for early stage ventures – rules apply.
  • APCX® has the lowest listing fees – start from $500 per year.
  • APCX® do not charge success fees.
  • APCX® is a marketplace to promote and showcase your business to find investors or sell shares in a private company in accordance with ASIC Class Order 02/0273, or tender for debt finance, or find a strategic alliance, or find strategic buyers.
  • If you are a startup or inventor and do not have a trusted advisor… talk to us and we will certainly help you get a free listing at the APCX® marketplace.
  • APCX® do not accept equity-for-service (being in lieu) as an alternative to success fees. APCX® guarantee the lowest listing fees with no hidden costs or fees.
  • Start your free listing now at APCX Marketplace Listing Form
What to know more; please select from the links below:
APCX® Startup.Education Program for Entrepreneurs…. coming soon!

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