What Is APCX

What is APCX®?

APCX® stands for Australian Private Companies Exchange®.

APCX® is Australia’s first independent marketplace with a sophisticated matching engine to facilitate unlisted transactions such as private equity, crowdfunding, debt, finance, sale of equity, business sale and international trade alliance and joint venture matching between sellers and buyers.

What is the APCX® mission?

To create exponential opportunity for Advisors, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

What is the APCX® Marketplace?

The APCX® Marketplace is a genuine Network-of-networks™, utilizing a unique online technology solution to link previously isolated networks of buyers, sellers and advisors into a single national marketplace.

Who should join the APCX® marketplace?

Advisors – including accountants, corporate lawyers, stockbrokers, business brokers, trade and alliance consultants. Investors – including angels, venture capitalists, business banks. Entrepreneurs – including business builders and Inventors

What are the benefits for Advisors?

Greater access to capital and emerging growth businesses, streamlined deal flow, a new business pipeline, complete client confidentiality, and an efficient, convenient, secure and reputable technology system to manage the workflow.

What are the benefits for Investors?

Complete confidentiality whilst gaining greater access to quality investment ready growth companies and a convenient, intelligent match and reporting system.

What are the benefits for Entrepreneurs?

Greater access to capital and business expertise.

What regulatory parameters does the APCX® Marketplace operate under?

APCX® operates in accordance with the Corporations Act and Australian Securities and Investment Commission Class Order ASIC CO 02/273, which provides an exemption from fundraising provisions of the Corporations Act for persons involved in making or calling attention to offers of securities through a business introduction service.

Australian Private Companies Exchange®


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